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Our Story

Our Family: Our names are Bobby & Alana Zoufal. We are sports enthusiasts and the owners of TOP Spot. We are special educators that met when we were working in a therapeutic day school.  Alana was teaching grades k-5 and Bobby was the Special Education PE & Adaptive PE Teacher K-12.  We became friends through our work with children who required significant emotional and behavioral support due to childhood trauma.  Eventually we transitioned to high school teaching and co-teaching various subjects including Health, Reading, English, Science and Transition- Life Skills & Vocational (age 17-22)

In 2017 our daughter was born.  She spent 1 week in the NICU and since then has had an uphill battle with an undiagnosed medical condition.  #MilaTheBrave is inquisitive, compassionate, funny, and unbelievably caring.


May of 2021 our son was born.  He spent 34 days in the NICU.  When he was 2 days old we learned he had multiple strokes in-utero resulting in medical complexities.  We both remember driving to the NICU on day 2 and Bobby saying, "There is no reason this should happen to a baby.  I just know we have to have faith and this has to matter". We both agreed no matter the outcome, we would use his journey, our journey, to help others. #VinnyTheWarrior has an amazing sense of humor, lots of energy, and wants to do everything big sister does!

Our Purpose:  It began with a dream of opening a business in which we could employ our students.  A place where I knew their strengths and abilities were the focus.   Through our journey with Mila and Vinny, our dream expanded. We decided to create a place where families feel a sense of community and pride.  Where individuals grow in development, self-worth, self-confidence, and skills that will carry with them through school, home, community, and sports.   To  provide an environment where families  know their child is safe, accepted, and that individual success is a priority. 

Our Mission: We believe in meeting the child where they are developmentally. We believe that it takes a community, "a village", of compassionate and supportive individuals to help children achieve their highest potential.  We believe in being a place the entire family can come to take classes, learn,, gain skills, improve health, and have fun!  We will offer a wide variety of classes including:

While our classes and clinics list chronological ages for assigned course titles, we suggest enrolling children in a class that is developmentally appropriate.  Our team will help support families and children to enroll in the class that best fits their individual needs.  

Our Credentials:  Combined we have worked with children of varying ages, abilities, and needs.  We hold an abundance of certifications and licenses as well completed courses including IL-LBS1, Physical Education, Health, Zumbini, USA Gymnastics, and NCS Varsity University.  

Giving Spirit: Our family has been blessed with unbelievably supportive family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors who supported us in many ways so we could help our son over the past 2 years. While humbling, it was very hard for us to accept certain help.  We committed to someday supporting and helping others in the way our family was.  That is why throughout the year we identify local programs and charities that we can support through TOP Spot. 

Why TOP Spot?:   When deciding on a name for our company, we wanted it to reflect our vision. 

TOP Stands for.....

  Tumbling. Tumbling is a great way for children to gain body awareness and a fun way to work toward meeting developmental milestones--no matter how long it takes to achieve them. Tumbling includes TOT classes, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Cheer Training, and Team Training. 

   Organized Play. Meeting a child where they are developmentally has been our goal from the beginning.  With the exception of Open Gym-Family Play times, all other activities are strategically organized with fun engaging play activities that will teach children skills that will help them in various areas of their lives including at school, home, sports, and socially. 

SPOT Stands for...

   Spot.  Our daughter and son are the brightest spot of our day.  TOP Spot is a place families can come together and bond through organized play with the goal of it being the bright spot of your family's day.


OUR Tag Line....

    Cheer. Tumble. Sports. As outlined above in more detail, our tag line is a short list of what we offer our families, athletes, and totletes. 

OUR Colors....

    Purple. Is the awareness color for both Pediatric Stroke & Pediatric Epilepsy Awareness

    Teal. Is the awareness color for Ovarian Cancer Awareness & a family favorite color


  • Totletics

  • Cheer Training

  • Sports Exploration

  • Intro to Cheer, Lacrosse, and Flag Football

  • Tumbling

  • Flexibility Training

  • Zumbini (Music)

  • Sports Training & Clinics

  • Team Training at our Fieldhouse or your facility

  • Open Gym & Family Play

  • After School Programs

  • Private Parties & Events 

  • Public Events

  • Summer & School Break Camps

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