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Experience Dynamic and Energetic Tumbling Classes for All Skill Levels!

Our tumbling classes are tailored to suit beginners and advanced students alike, and are designed to help cheerleaders enhance their tumbling skills. The classes focus on developing strength, flexibility, coordination, and technique to help students learn a wide range of tumbling skills.


These skills include forward and backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, roundoffs, front and back walkovers, back handsprings, tucks, layouts, fulls, specialty passes, and more!


Our experienced coaches will guide students through the skills in a safe and supportive environment, breaking them down into progressions and providing step-by-step instruction and spotting techniques. With our help, athletes will build confidence as they progress through tumbling levels and improve their cheerleading routines and sidelines.

Athletes and families can expect to

  • Be assessed to ensure safety, accuracy, and tumbling level.  Please note, the expectation is all tumblers are tumbling correctly and therefore may be assessed

  • Athlete assessments and reassessments can be found within the family portal

  • Assessments are taken at the start of a class and end of the month

Tot Classes

Totletics Tumbling

$64 per month

Body awareness, motor development, and social skills are the primary focuses of the class.  Totletes and caregivers will explore various activities to greater impact  skill development. This class allows for various levels of ability and participation, providing an environment where all Totletes can play and grow. 

This is a 45 minute class full of movement and  fun!

Caregiver Participation Required.

Developmentally appropriate ages 2-4 yrs.

Tumbling Topspot

Tumbling for 3 levels

$68 per month

Each athlete that enrolls in tumbling will be assessed by our experienced coaching team.  Our goal is for all athletes to learn proper technique to improve skill acquisition and reduce the risk of injury.  Tumbling is an excellent sport to participate in to improve balance, confidence, coordination, and flexibility to name a few. Our program benefits those new to tumbling, tumbling for dance & cheer, and tumbling for fun.

Developmentally appropriate ages 4-18 yrs.

Tumbling Topspot

Private Lessons

$65 per 1 hour session

Private & semi private lessons are a great way for athletes to receive 1:1 specialized attention.  Athletes looking to master a skill, accelerate their progress, or prepare for a tryout will benefit from focused individualized training. 

Developmentally appropriate ages 4-18 yrs.

Cheer and Tumble topspot

Team Training

Teams with a desire to win and reach for the top of the scoring sheet are highly encouraged to schedule team trainings. 

  • Teams that require tumbling as part of their performance and competitive scoring require dedicated time from experienced coaches.

  • The youngest to the most experienced teams benefit from focused, dedicated training to take their teams to the top of the scoring sheet. 

  • Young athletes who need assistance with mastering the cartwheel, to more experienced  needing to master their back hand springs, to standing fulls and doubles.

  • Our Coaches focus on individual and team precision and execution.  

  • Coaches will identify the strengths of each member and the team, and then build upon that to help create a cohesive high scoring team. 

  • Our team is available to come to your facility to train or to host your team in our 15,000 sq ft facility which includes mats, turf, and tumbling equipment.   

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