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Where can I buy that?

Have you been to a party, open gym, or class and thought....

Where can I buy that?

We have the most requested items below!

Obstacle Course

Engaging Obstacle Course that helps improve focus, balance, and strength. Can be set up inside and out!


Foldable Mat. This multipurpose mat can be used to assist with hand stands, cartwheels, stretching, obstacle courses, create tunnels, and more. We love foldable mats for home.

Pit Pillow

Pit Pillows is a staple of everything we do. From Tots, to tumbling, cheer, agility, obstacles, and birthday parties. We use ours for just about everything! Its soft, safe, and has a washable cover.


SO many options when it comes to wedge mats! Multiple sizes. These are essential for every class, party, and obstacle!

Top Spot Pom Poms

Every Cheerleader will tell you they love the sound pom poms make! Have your own set of Top Spot Poms at home!

Ninja Steps

Every kid LOVES the ninja steps! balance, agility, climbing, jumping!

Booster Blocks

Booster Blocks are used in our agility, tumbling, cheer, flex, conditioning, and obstacle courses. We also use them with our tots to practice our spiderman walk! The velcro helps them stick together.

Inflatable dinosaur and unicorn

Another favorite of our kids! Especially at parties and in our obstacle courses. Inflatable Dino & Unicorn!

Toddler Bounce & Ride

Our Totletes LOVE the bounce and rides. So many animals to choose from.

12/30/23 New Years Party

Princess Ball Featuring Spider-man! Anna, Elsa, Bell, Tiana, Ariel. Balloon drop, music, dancing, and more! $100 for family of 4

Giant Beach Balls!

Hours of fun playing with these beachballs indoor or outdoor! Great gift!

Realistic Daily Planner & Inspiration for Parents

Let's normalize realistic planning together! This amazing planner & journal is full of daily templates for you to not only write your tasks, but look back with pride at what you struggled with and are most proud of. This interactive planner & journal, will remind you that what you accomplish is amazing!

Gift Card

Give the gift of a gift card to use toward classes, cliics, camps, and events!

6 month membership for classes

Pay ahead and earn free classes, unlimited guests for parties up to 100, 1 free private lesson!

Dog Bounce, Ride, and Spin!

Another fan favorite with kids of all ages... but especially our totletes, is the dog they can sit bounce and spin on. They play music and giggle as they work to balance.

Stunt Stand & Flex Strap

This is the full package. 1. The stunt stand comes with 5 adjustable inserts to grow with the athletes skills. 2. Stunt door strap to help with stunting and flexibility 3. Travel strap.

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recovery, flexibility, increase circulation, reduce muscle soreness and can improve your joint range of motion. Great for tight muscles! Can be used as part of a workout or post workout. As always consult with a doctor or PT before using.

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