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Summer Camp 

Welcome to Top Spot Sports Exploration & Training Summer Camp!

We're thrilled to have you join us for what promises to be an exciting and enriching experience.


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What to expect?

Our goal is to make sure that every camper leaves our program not only tired from the day's activities, but also eager to return for more fun and learning. We believe in fostering not just physical development, but also in building confidence, enhancing athletic abilities, and shaping character.

Throughout the summer, our dedicated team of coaches and staff is committed to providing a dynamic and supportive atmosphere. We encourage our campers to embrace challenges, try new things, and enjoy the journey of self-discovery.

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Camp Details

Cheer & Tumble Training:  ​

  • Sports Readiness 

  • Leadership Training (character building)

  • Teamwork

  • Jump Tech

  • Stunting

  • Tumbling

  • Dance

  • Balance & Coordination

  • Flexibility

If you have any questions, concerns, or if there's anything specific you'd like to know or discuss, feel free to reach out to our team. We look forward to an amazing summer filled with sports exploration, skill-building, and lasting memories. 

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